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The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple

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The word 'algebra' is Arabic in origin. It is the generalization of arithmetic. So it may be related to geometry by saying that algebra is written geometry and geometry is merely pictured algebra.

Algebra Help   

Why we learn Algebra?

  • It is useful in other branches of mathematics.
  • It gives compact formulae or generalizations to be used in all cases.
  • It has a practical value in many of the trades and industries.
  • It provides an effective way for expressing complicated relations.
  • Study of algebra gives a new ,good approach to the study of mathematical relationships through the use of a new language and a new symbolism.
  • Verification of results in algebra is simpler and more satisfactory in algebra than in any other branch of mathematics. It develops confidence in students.
  • The study of algebra inculcates the power of analysis.
  • It is a good instrument for mental training.

Here you can find some basic results in following areas of Algebra