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Argumentative Essay writing tips

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Before plunging into the writing process, every student needs to know what this or that type of academic paper should contain. Thus, it is important to give a definition of an argumentative essay.

What is argumentative essay?

Argumentative essay stands for the kind of academic paper where you provide your personal opinion on the given topic. However, it is not that simple. You also need to provide some evidence in support of your views. At the same time, you need to present the opinion of the other side as well. In such a way, when writing an argumentative essay, you need to discuss a controversial topic from both sides, but prove that your own views are much more substantial than those of the other side. This is a game in which one party is defeated with the arguments of the other.

Step-by-step instruction to writing an argumentative essay

* The first thing you need to do is select a topic. There are plenty of topics that can be discussed from two perspectives, so you will never lack ideas in this respect.

* Create a thesis statement. If you already have shaped your views regarding some particular issue, crafting a thesis would not be that difficult.

* Conduct a research on the given topic. You might not face any difficulty when trying to find the relevant data on your topic. The major problem will be to find a few trustworthy sources to gather factual data that can be used in your research.

* Choose a few substantial arguments from the list. You need to think of several arguments in favor of your personal opinion and a few arguments in support of the opposite views. After that, choose the strongest ones and make sure they can be backed up with enough evidence.

* Write the essay according to a particular structure. Each paragraph should be devoted to each of your personal arguments. As for the opposing views, they can be provided in a single paragraph. After that, proceed with writing your introduction and conclusion in which you have to summarize the ideas presented in the essay.

A few useful tips to those who are still in doubt

Choose a topic that you are interested in - this will ensure that you find enough factual data in support of your opinion. Refrain from emotional side of the question. Do not try to present your opinion emotionally, but rather provide a few facts and make your essay informative. Finally, make sure that your essay is grounded more on evidence rather than on your personal views. Custom argumentative writing help you can find on