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A football problem

published on August 21st, 2007 . by Vanaja

At a football championship 600 tickets were sold .
Child ticket cost $2 each and adult ticket cost $5 each. The total money collected for the game was $1650.

Find the number of tickets sold in each category.
Let x be number of children and y be number of adults.
x+y = 600
2x+5y= 1650
==>x= 450, y=150

Math Problem Solving Techniques

published on June 17th, 2007 . by Vanaja

Life is an arena of problems. L.A Averill has said,”The only worthwhile life is a life which contains its problems; to live without any longings and ambitions is to live only half way”. A human child has to meet and solve problems as he grows-problems which present in his physical surroundings, his intellectual associations and in his social contacts. These problems grow in number and complexity as he or she grows older and older. His success in life is in large measuredetermined by the individual’s capasity and competence to solve them.

Mathematics is a subject of problems.Stydying mathematics is different from studying other subjects. Math is learned by doing problems. Efficiency and ability in solving problems is a guarantee for success in learning this subject.

  1. The first and most important step in solving a problem is to understand the problem.Read the problem clearly and grasp its meaning. Superficial or careless reading does not pay in mathematics. Be sure that you understand clearly what is given and what you are expected to find or prove. Keep these things in mind throughout your work.
  2. Take sufficient time to think.
  3. Plan thoroughly before you start.I dentify which skills and techniques you have learned can be applied to solve the problem at hand.


Math Topics Offered

published on October 16th, 2006 . by Vanaja

I can help you in the following topics of Mathematics
You can send in me your math problems at
[email protected]

All math solutions will be clearly demonstrated.


Middle school and high school algebra
Linear Equations, Inequalities.
Quadratic Equations
Simultaneous System of Equations
Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions.
Sequences and Series
Binomial Theorem
Probability, Permutations, Combinations.
Matrices and Determinants


Trigonometric Identities.
Trigonometric Functions
Solutions of Triangles
Heights and Distance Problems


Middle school and High school Geometry
Similar triangles,
Congruent Triangles

Analytic Geometry

The Straight Line.
The Circle.
Conic Sections (Parabola,Ellipse,Hyperbola)


Mean Deviation
Standard Deviation


Functions, Limits and Continuity.
Definite Integral
Definite Integral Applications (Areas and Volumes)

Online Math Tutoring via E-Mail

published on October 14th, 2006 . by Vanaja

I offer math tutoring via email.This is a great option for students looking for an online tutor, or students who don’t necessarily need to sit down with a tutor for a long time. This can also be a good option for homeschooling students and those working in independent study situations.

For a long session, I will likely ask you to email me a sample or two of the types of questions you have, so that I can be sure that it looks like something I can help you with effectively and I can calculate my fee.Once you agreed to puchase my service,you can pay me through my Paypal account [email protected]. You do not need a Paypal account in order to use PayPal, as long as you have a credit card. (If you are under 13 years, you can ask your parents to open an account.)

It is highly recommended that, when you e-mail your questions to me, you include the area of study , the topic of study and your grade level.
Please feel free to describe all the difficulties you’ve been having and what you hope to achieve with tutoring.

How to send me your math problems?

published on October 2nd, 2006 . by Vanaja

My readers are asking me, how they can type math symbols when sending questions. You can use any of the following methods.

  1. For those who are having a scanner. You can write your questions in a paper and scan it and save it as a JPGE file. Attach this file with your E-mail and send it to me at: [email protected]
  2. If you don’t have a scanner, you can send it as a word file. For typing Math symbols you can use Equation Editor. If you are using MS word it is already there. In the tool bar, click insert. Now you can see object option. Click object. In the ‘create new’ option, select Microsoft equation. With this you can type the Math symbols you want. Save your question as a .doc file and attach it with your E-mail and send it to me at: [email protected].

I have mentioned about my service in an earlier post . Please read that before sending the questions. Read that here

If you have Math Type you can use that also.

I don’t do math homework for “Them”

published on July 9th, 2006 . by Vanaja

Yesterday one friend reviewed my site and remarked that I am doing math homework for children and in his opinion it is not fair. To some extent he is correct because it can lead to undesirable character traits if it promotes cheating by just copying. But please note that I do not, “do math homework” for “them”. I explain concepts, show them how to set up a problem, give hints, and try to get them started. There are children who can not do all the homework for themselves because it is not always been given by the individuals capacity. But if we provide some good “help” they may be able to do it. I may give the answers, so that they can check their work.

I am not providing voluntary help.. Nobody will simply throw their money if they really don’t want this service. So nobody will seek the help without even try to do it. I think children who really need the help only write to me. And I hope, students, you use this service in a good manner only, if not I request you to don’t misuse my service.

Good luck and happy learning.