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Triangle Problem

published on May 5th, 2007 . by Vanaja

Today we have a problem on triangle


Since AB=BC, angle C= angle A (Angles opposite to equal sides are equal)

Also, Sum of the angles is 180 º


55 º

Solutions of Triangle

published on September 20th, 2006 . by Vanaja

I think yesterday you had a big laugh after reading math genius. So today we are fresh and can have some lessons from Trigonometry.

We know the three sides and three angles of a triangle are called its parts. The process of finding the unknown parts of a triangle from its known parts is known as solution of a triangle. This has many applications in surveying, navigation, astronomy and other sciences.
In a Triangle ABC, The angles are denoted by A,B,C and the lengths of the corresponding opposite sides BC, CA and AB by a,b, and c respectively.

The Law of Sines

Using this formula we can find solutions of a triangle.If any three parts are given, we can find the other three parts.