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Belated New Year Wishes

published on January 6th, 2008 . by Vanaja

I had been busy with some personal matters for the last five six weeks. In between gone for a vacation as well. But the new year day was a bit dull as my kids and I was not well after coming back from the vacation.

I wish you all a very prosperous and happy new year.

Merry Christmas

published on December 24th, 2006 . by Vanaja

Hello Again

published on November 26th, 2006 . by Vanaja

I couldn’t post any articles last week. My daughter was not well. She is in her kinder garden classes. This year she already missed lots of classes due to various reasons. She will be five in next January. She is under aged when compared to other children. The average age of children in her class is above 5 ½ years. She is just above average in her studies. In math she is O.K. But she has to improve in language studies. I do not force her to study at all. If she likes, she study, otherwise not. Now I am thinking about repeating her in the same class next year also. But her teacher says there is no need to repeat her. So, I am in confusion.

An Interesting E-Mail

published on October 29th, 2006 . by Vanaja

Today I received an interesting E-Mail. Here is the Mail and the reply I have sent.

Plot the point with coordinates (3, –5).

Graph 2x – y = 4.

Graph using the intercept method: 2x + y = 4.

Write the equation of the line with slope 4 and y-intercept (0, –5). Then
graph the line.

Math For You to P

Hi P
Thanks for writing to me
I think you have four questions. So my fee willbe $6. If that is O.K for you, I will send the detailed solutions for you.

P to me
You don’t have to send me a solution for my problems because the site said
that it was free.

Math For You to P
No. Where did you see that? I have clearly mentioned about my service at the home page.Here also you can see more details. #Why did you send the questions then?

P to me
Like I mentioned earlier the site said something about getting free help
witrh your math. I got the site from another math student so maybe I
clicked on the wrong site. That is why I posted the questions. Once again
you can disregard the questions and I will found help elsewhere. Sorry if
I wasted your time.

Math For You to P
No P,
You came from MSN for the keyword ‘Math Genius’.( ) Not even for math help.So you are not a targeted visitor for me.So it do not worry me.(otherwise also no problem.I have been getting enough clients.) You are from Bastrop,Louisiana, U.S.You go to anywhere for help.(are you really a student?)That is not my topic. But I have a humble request : Don’t lie.I have the detailed track record of your visit.
Don’t worry.Take a deep breath and Relax.

P to me
I think I misread the article it said free lessons. Like I say disregard
the questions because I already have the solution.

Math For You to P
That is O.K. No problem.

Math Genius

published on September 19th, 2006 . by Vanaja

Yesterday I visited a blog. I found this post. I couldn’t stop laughing.
Click here to view that post.

Some basic math lessons

published on July 19th, 2006 . by Vanaja

I n the coming days I’ll post some basic math lessons . Since this blog is not compatible with math symbols I can not put all topics. But some basic principles and topics in algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus will be given. In between I’ll also post as earlier, some math puzzles, brain teasers and Illusion pictures.

So keep visiting and enjoy this math fun site.