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The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple

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“Thanks for all of the help on the other problems, the steps were easy to follow.”

           Amy, USA

just wanted to say thanks a million!  i really appreciate what you did.. good luck with everything!”

          Moshedeel, USA

“Thank you very much, you have been very helpful. Otherwise, I never would have gotten these done.”

         Andrijan, USA

Math Typing Tips

Tips for sending math problems.

You can use any of the following methods for email your math questions.

Scanning : You can write your questions in a paper and scan it and save it as a JPGE file. Attach this file with your E-mail and send it. Scanning your math problems is much faster than typing math symbols and I recommend this method for sending your questions to me.

Typing Math symbols : For typing Math symbols you can use Equation Editor. If you are using MS word,go to the tool bar. Click insert. 

Now you can see object option. Click object. In the 'create new' option, select Microsoft equation.

With this you can type the math symbols you want. Save your questions as a .Doc file and attach it with your E-mail and send it.

Screen Capture : If you want to copy any questions from a website, do the following.

1. Press "print screen".This will copy the page.

2. Then goto paint and press "Ctrl" and "V" keys at the same time. You can save this as a JPGE file.

3. Email this file as an attachment.

If you have any questions, please write to me at