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The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple

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Study Tips For Students  

Students often follow wasteful and inefficient procedures in studying mathematics.Math study tips Sometimes they fail to get at the first step of a process. They do not develop self-reliance. They proceed unsystematically and cannot concentrate. 

This list of suggestions is expected to be of help to students for this purpose
  1. Take responsibility for studying, recognizing what you know and don't know.
  2. Attend class every day and take complete notes. Each class builds on the previous ones. You must keep up with the Instructor: attend class, read the text and do homework every day. Falling a day behind puts you at a disadvantage. Falling a week behind puts you in deep trouble.
  3. Fix time and place for study of mathematics and regular in your work.
  4. Get down to work at once. Do not dally.
  5. Pay to it deep and sustained attention.
  6. Do not allow avoidable interruptions after you have started work.
  7. Work independently as far as possible.
  8. Take as much time as you need to do all the homework and to get complete understanding of the material.
  9. The more challenging the material, the more time you should spend on it.
  10. Be critical of all statements or conclusions whether they are your own or someone else's.
  11. Form the habit of verification. Always check up your work.
  12. Be an active participant in the classroom. Get ahead in the book; try to work some of the problems before they are covered in class
  13. Math is learned by doing problems. Do the homework. The problems help you learn the formulas and techniques you do need to know, as well as improve your problem-solving prowess.
  14. Take responsibility for keeping up with the homework. Make sure you find out how to do it.
  15. Prepare a list of all new words and concepts and try to learn them at once.
  16. Do memorize important rules, formulae and facts, but only after understanding their meaning.
  17. In memorizing formulae, loud reading is helpful.
  18. Form the habit of expressing verbal statements in symbols.
  19. Correlate and compare exercises in algebra with similar exercises in geometry and arithmetic.
  20. Lay special stress on the application of rules and formulae, in order to fix them permanently in your mind.
  21. Try to explain out loud, in your own words, how each solution strategy is used .
  22. When studying for math test, put yourself in a test-like situation: work problems from review sections at the end of chapters, and work old tests if you can find some. It's important to keep working problems the whole time you're studying.